The Garden “egg basket”

A friend gave me this cute egg basket.


Since I only have 4 hens, and they don’t choose to lay everyday, I don’t use it for eggs. However, it is perfect to carry some seeds, strips of blinds for row markers, a Sharpie permanent marker, pruners and my gloves. The handle will slip over a hook on my tool roller caddy. (I haven’t shown you that yet. It is one of my favorite things. Saves me lots of trips.)



Back to the egg basket. I can take it to the area I am planting. I have the cut blind strips to mark the place and the Sharpie to write what I planted. Opps, need to prune off that twig, or maybe cut some flowers, got a pruner right here!

And it is cute.

Plans for this year.

Gotta have plans! Since I took the Permaculture Design Course –  I am brimming with plans. Lots of moving of dirt plans! Here are some others.

  • Plant Perennial  and reseeding vegtables.
  • Build more Huglekultures – self feeding, selfwatering beds that are waist high REALLY appeal to me.
  • Create swales ( trenches)  between my raised beds so that rain water will stop, soak and keep them watered.
  • hook up my tote tank to the greenhouse gutter to water the side garden.
  • Hook up the tote tank under the deck with a “first flush” to have clean rain water for humans  it needed.
  • plant more things for my “food forest”. I have ordered some things.
  • Siberian pea shrubs – they fix Nitrogen and make peas that chickens love and people can eat.
  • A Liberty Apple tree. It is resistant to all knids of bugs and diseases, it will be a organic apple.
  • a linden tree. Great bee tree and the leaves can be used for tea.
  • a willow tree. I can plant it at the lake. It will be happy there and look pretty. It has pollen and nector for the bees. And you can make “root starting” water from the twigs. Also there is some medicinal qualities. Aspirin Type.

You will note, many of these things have or do multiple things. Part of my plan to incorporate Pemaculture principles into my space.


Making a Huglekultur

I decided to have a “5 in 1 Pear tree” cut down. It only made Keiffer pears and I don’t like them.  It was on one side of the  upper garden. And there was a Popular  tree over on the other side. Not in the garden – but making shade. I had this cut down before, but, it came back as 4 trees! This time I will girdle it and implant some oyster mushroom spores.

Ended up with lots of wood. A HUGLEKULTUR ! Here is all the wood laid in a pile. It is about 2  feet high and 15 feet long.

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Winter sow – neatest thing since sliced bread!

Where has this been my whole life! For years, I have painstakingly filled cell packs with soil, carefully planted  seeds, put them on heat pads, misted everyday, then put them under grow lights until the plants were big enough to harden off. Then in and out for a week or so until ready to set out.A friend introduced me to WINTER SOW a few years ago.

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Chickens are a MUST for a gardener. Wonderful helpers. They turn your soil, eat bugs, recycle your weeds, bugs, and kitchen scrapes into fertilizer and give you some wonderful eggs as a bonus. Healthy omega rich eggs. With firm whites that hold together and bright orange yolks that stand up and look at you. Once you have eaten your own “yard eggs” you become a egg snob! Even “yard”eggs at the farmers market, are not them same. They live in a YARD. The difference is, mine live in the garden! I know they eat bugs and weeds and kitchen scrapes. They are living the real chicken life! Unfortunately they cannot have unlimited access. A couple solutions

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The Story of my Greenhouse from recyled windows and doors

Years ago,  my son built me a lean-to makeshift greenhouse. A 2 x 4 frame covered with plastic. It was in a protected area on the Southeast side of the basement. It worked pretty well. We started replacing our old single pane  windows and doors.  I saved them, with a permanent greenhouse in mind. Then, my son brought me a set of 10 foot sliding glass doors he removed from a house he was working on. A few years later,  we built a deck over my makeshift greenhouse. Time to think about a new greenhouse! The catalyst was a garage sale find – a 3 part stainless steel sink with a drain board! Perfect for a potting bench/sink.

So, it began!

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