Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Association Winter Show #1

Poultry shows are always a fun and interesting shows to go to. Beautiful and different chickens. They do have a few turkeys, ducks and geese.

The Winter Poultry show is always a COLD Winter week-end  in February. The first year we went, we almost froze. We learned to layer up, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Here are some photos to peak your interest. A bunch of photos! There would have been more, but, lighting was bad inside and outside it was overcast.

Inside were the chickens and geese for judging. Outside were a lot of chickens for sale.


Judging of chickens

image  Judgelooking at a Silkie.

Silkie area.



So many unusual chickens. Lighting  was not good to get good pictures. Here are a few.


A Showgirl chicken – that’s the name. Silkie with a naked neck and a blue spot on her cheek.( One of the few I remember the name of.)  We saw a Silkie getting her feathers blow dried!


Show Girl chicken



Some BIG chickens. These are a few of the ones  for sale. Those are good size men standing behind all bundled up.


Large chickens


See # 2 for more






Tale of the Electric Chain Saw.


Over the years my husband always had a big heavy chain saw. They are expensive and then they would break and have to go in the shop. More expense We were without a working chainsaw. I saw an ad for an Electric chain saw. $49.99. I bought it. Figured I could use it for little stuff. It wasn’t heavy. We had some heavy duty extension cords for outside.

My husband poo-hooed my puny little electric chain saw. It sat in the basement.

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Keeping your chickens safe

WARNING – this may be unpleasant to read.

HAWKS – hawks need room to make a swoop. They swoop in at great speed, grab your chicken and fly off. I think they need the momentum  of the swoop.

The initial grab usually kills the chicken. The talons pierce the chest. The reason I know this – A shadow of a hawk flew over head as I went to the garden one day.  I found one of my new chickens dead. She was still very warm. She had a huge hole in one side. Lung and heart pierced. No hole in the other side.  I figured that the hawk did not have the momentum to get a good grab and fly off. I have made it difficult for hawks to have room to swoop. Continue reading

Step by step Huglekultur

The side garden has a serious hardpan problem. There is maybe 6- 8 inches of soil and then concrete like clay. I mean not even with a pick axe does this open up. And I think it goes to China! This is one of the few sunny spots in my yard. So it has to be a vegetable garden! I did raised beds. And shoveled soil out off the paths to raise them some more. Still not enough depth.

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Walk about today

You never know what you will discover on your “walk about”. Today, I started in the greenhouse. Needed to water in there. And I wanted to check on my struggling Meyer Lemon. It had a terrible case of scale and sooty mold. I think I discovered it in time. However, it has not bloomed yet. Might not have any Meyer Lemons this year. Found these pretty geraniums happily blooming. So nice to see flowers in February.


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Self Sorting Worm Bin


Worm bin

My first worm bin was a plastic tub with holes drilled in it. Yeah, it worked.  But –  separating the worms from the casting was a royal PAIN! My son came up with a great idea and built me this industrial size worm bin. It looks like a rustic coffin on legs. It is a bit more than waist high.  Older gardeners need raised everything!

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Chickweed feast and wintersow

The raised bed in the greenhouse has lots of chickweed. I harvested a small bucketful and gave it to the girls. (Chickens)  Here they are gobbling it up. They like green stuff and there is not much that is green this time of year. Only the Hairy Vetch in the upper garden. They will munch on it when I open the garden gate. But, Chickweed – they LOVE.


Chickens dining on chick weed.


I tried to get a picture of them with chickweed hanging out of their mouth. They were so busy eating it, they would not be still for a picture!

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