Overload of Eggs!

The girls are pumping out some eggs! I started using them up for things other than breakfast. Here is a recipe  I had submitted to Tractor Supply for their “Out Here” magazine. It was accepted and published in the Spring issue! And they sent me a $50. Gift card to Tractor Supply! I copied the recipe and picture from their site.

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Old Teapots and Daffodils, plus other stuff

Old teapots make interesting and  cool vases. I found this one at a Thrift shop years ago.  It’s handle was gone and the Goose head was broken off – but it was inside the pot.  A little Gorilla glue and the Goose head is back in place. It is my favorite vase for Daffodils in the Spring. isn’t it cute?


I had trouble finding a place to take a picture. Finally set it on the chair to get enough light to show the cute Tea Pot. I have never seen one like this.

Spring has sprung! Daffodils blooming everywhere. When I moved in 29 years ago, I ordered 300 Daffodil bulbs. I didn’t think I would ever finish planting them! And that was before bulb planters! But, every Spring , I have lots of Daffodils.

Other stuff : Two of the Peach trees are in full bloom and the plums trees. Lots of weeds are blooming too. Should I take a picture of them for you? Naw,  you probably have plenty of your own. It  is a bit worrisome that the fruit trees are blooming. We are not safe from a frost until after Easter.

I received  a box from Burnt Ridge Nursery yesterday. I put the bare root plants in a bucket of water. So , I needed to plant them today. A Liberty Apple. It is supposed to be everything resistant and a Heirloom. My kind of apple! I had started a Espalier fence around the side garden a few years back. One of the “apple” trees turned out to be a crab apple. I cut it down and the Liberty is to replace it. Of course the stump is trying to sprout. Had to be mean to it and chop it a bit. If it trys it again, I will have to resort to some stump killer. I planted the new apple beside the stump. It has to be there to complete the pattern.

And I ordered a Siberian Pea Shrub. Burnt Ridge had some. I have tried to start them from seed and have failed – twice. Siberian Pea Shrub is a Permaculture plant. It fixes Nitrogen, and the peas are excellant chicken feed. People can also eat the peas. So, of course I had to have one. It needs a sunny location. Problem, where I want it for the chickens, is in that upper garden with 4 hours of sun. Well, I planted it there anyway, at the shallow end of the Huglekultur.  I can propogate it and have more plants for  a new area of fruit trees I am planting. I know – I should not be starting anything else. BUT, I am trying to create a Food Forest so that I can be a hunter gather! If this older gardener body of mine will keep on trucking – it will happpen!


Upper Garden Plans

The upper garden, is my original garden. It is in a former power line easement. Great idea 28 years ago! The trees around it have grown and shaded it out. Over the years I have had some of the trees cut down – very expensive. Now, it gets a maximum of 4 hours of sunlight a day in the Summer.  Years ago, I made raised beds with brick paths. The soil has changed from red clay to wonderful dark loam. Peat moss, cow manure, cover crops, tench composting, and mulch. It is PH balanced. At least according to the last soil test.  What to do with this shaded garden?

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Ecologically Balanced – Care free pond

The first year I had my pond and waterfall. It developed terrible “string-algae”. I used some barley cakes and then literally laid on my stomach and pulled out the strings. I added water plants, mosquito fish, and some gold fish. Some frogs moved in. The plants grew,  water bugs arrived and It became ecologically balanced. Now, I do nothing to it except wash the filter when I think about it.

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Two of My Favorite Garden Tools

These are the tools that I have used for years and years. I may try some new ones, but, these are the BEST!  I keep going back to them. Hardworking, effective, easier on my body. I have had some of them many years.  Some may be hard to find now.

Cotton Scuttle hoe – this is a HOE!  I have had this hoe at least 30 years. You can chop down a small tree with it!  Hard to find now. You need an old fashion hardware store that sells heads and handles separate. Just put a nail or screw through the hole in the shank into the wooden handle. I am showing you the head, that is the business end!

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Mulch- free wood chips

Older gardeners like me have trouble weeding. Arthritis in my hands make it painful. So we beleive in mulch. Wood chips make a good mulch. Every few years the power company comes along the roads and cuts limbs off trees near the power lines. I will stop and talk to them and give them my address, so they can deliver me  loads of chips. One year I got 6 loads each for me and for my neighbor!  I got 3 loads this year.  Last years loads of chips are ready to use. Here is a picture of last years leftover hay, this years chip pile and the  golden colored one in the back is last years chip pile.

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My Beloved Cart – age friendly

My favorite,  most  useful, can’t do without, tool is my Garden Way garden cart. My cart is  at least 35 years old. It is battered, the latch to the back gate is missing, I have replaced the balance bar , the wheels are a bit wobbly and the hard rubber tires are going to need replacing one day. But, it is still a workhorse. I load  it up with any and everything that needs toting. It has hauled all the rocks for my pond, moved furniture, firewood, manure, chips, what have you. So much better than a wheel barrow. It can carry 300lb loads easily, with no strain on me!

Here it is in it’s very used glory.


Hard working garden cart!



A view of the almost worn out hard rubber tires.


Well worked garden cart.


You can always use another cart to haul stuff. I have tried a few. Several years back one of the tool places had a foldable aluminum garden cart on sale. It looked like my cart, but, aluminium. I bought one. First thing that happend – the tires went flat! They were not hard rubber. Then it rusted and would not fold up or out. Needless to say it went in the trash. Another cart I tried was one of those hard plastic green  “dump carts”. It only lasted a couple of years. As I remember the plastic wheels fell apart.

Garden Way is no longer in business. But, Carts Vermont also makes a very similar cart. They have a excellant reputation.

There is nothing like a good hard working tool that will last a lifetime. Spend the money –  buy a high quality cart. It will last forever and save your back. And you can pick out which Grandkid to Will it to!









Easiest Mulch

In my search for ways to keep gardening for my lifetime, I discovered: Ruth Stout’s wonderful book, “How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back.”  I have had it for years! The secret was HAY. She mulched with  6 -8″ of hay.  When she planted, she pushed aside the hay. When the plants were up, she pushed the hay up close. Added hay as they grew. No watering,  no weeding, no digging, no compost turning, no compost spreading. The hay decomposes in place, feeding the worms that turn you soil. Think of how much labor that saves!

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Poultry Show # 4 Chicken Poop Bingo +

This is the last one. I have trouble posting the pictures, so I have to break up the posts.

Chicken Poop Bingo –  the rules. You buy a number, and if the chicken poops on your number – you win half of the pot!


Chicken Poop Bingo board


Yes, there is a chicken under all those curly feathers. See the beak on the right?


Black curly silkie


That is a handsome fellow!


Good looking rooster