Perennial Vegetables etc

 Perennial Fruits and Vegetables that just keep on feeding you! Easy or no care, disease resistant, hunter gather plants!

Asparagus – plant it correctly in a permanent spot. Some afternoon shade if you are in a hot summer area. Feed it some manure. Mulch it. Watch it closely in the Spring. The shoots can turn to ferns fast! Raised beds make it easier to see.

Tree Collards– these delicious and nutritious greens have a trunk and grow 5-6 foot tall. You harvest the leaves. Even have a snack in the garden. Quite tasty. Need a spot with sun,

Yacon – New to me this year. A tubular root that is a low calorie crisp refreshing snack , so they say. Stay tuned.

Blueberries– these make a pretty landscape bush. Blooms in the Spring and pretty Fall color. And of course, yummy berries in the early Summer. Blueberries like some shade in the afternoon in hot areas. Hint – use old carpet, bottom side up to mulch them. Soaker hose underneath. Feed them coffee grounds. Chickens love to clean up any fallen fruit. A understory plant.

Blackberries – these need some support for the vines. Cut out last years stalk. Can grow in partical shade. A understory plant.

Grapes – strong permanent support. Early Winter pruning. A understory plant.

Matt’s Wild Tomato – a small cherry tomato with intense tomato taste. Plant it once where you want “tomato weeds!”

Perennial arugula – I want this.

Perpetual chard spinach- I want this! It has not cooperated with me.

Miner’s Lettuce and Good King Henry.- I need for them to cooperate with me!

Amole – soap plant. It is a white lily. After the first year , you can dig the bulbs up. The husk area around it makes a good scrubber, and you can use the bulb as a very mild soap. Museums use it. I have some babies that I will plant out when they are big enough. Real curious about this one!

Rhubarb – can be grown from seed or root division. Stalks are harvested in the Spring and have a fruit like taste. You must sweeten it. Leaves are poison. I just planted it again for the third time. Put it in the shade of the Peach tree. Morning sun and afternoon shade. A bit hot for it here.

Prickly Pear –