About this site.

I have loved digging in the dirt and growing things for 40+ years. However – something happened! I got old! (Age 74 at this writing!) I guess it happens if you live long enough!😱  I cannot imagine not having a garden. Being able to go out in the sun and fresh air and plant things, picking some French green beans, a heirloom tomato, some totally wonderful broccoli, and some flowers for my many odd vases. And looking forward every year to the harvest. What to do???

 I have to re-design my garden. Convert it to a easy care, low maintenance and REALLY RAISED BEDS. Beds that I can sit on the edge and use my trowel to dig a small hole for transplants or a little seed bed. Cart wide paths to easily move hay and mulch to the beds. Perennial vegetables that I don’t have to re-plant every year.

Gardening all these years have kept me fit and strong. But, the stamina and energy are not there. Arthritis in my hands and shoulders limit how much I can do.

A few years ago I discovered Permaculture. “Permanent Agriculture working with nature”. Read a lot of books, finally took a Permaculture Design course. I plan to use some permaculture principles to create my Senior garden.

It will be a lot of work. I have a non-gardening husband, my children and grandchildren live out of state. I will have to hire help with the heavy stuff. My handy garden cart, shovel and heavy duty hoe will help me get this done, hopefully before I am 75! Then, I can be a Hunter Gatherer!

WARNING younger gardeners – plan ahead. Do not keep creating NEW areas to maintain. Age will happen! Ground cover is your friend. So are mulch and perennial plantings. Check into Permaculture. If you design things right, there is not much heavy work later in life. You can become a “hunter gather”. That is my newest plan. I am a little late on that.