Greenhouse leaks and re-do

The Greenhouse has leaks! Lots of them. A couple years ago, I had the deck pressure washed. And in my infinite wisdom decided to pressure wash the greenhouse. Evidently, it washed out all the caulk! The design has a few flaws anyway. These flaws allow the glass to shift over or down a bit, creating gaps for more leaks.  The glass can be pushed back. But, the re-caulking is problematic. It would be best from above. How do you crawl along the tempered glass seams to do that? So, it looks like it will have to be done from below. On a ladder, looking and reaching up. PAIN. Then on a ladder caulking on the outside as far as we can reach.

I think I will have to hire someone to reset the glass and caulk. This past Winter, I just unrolled a roll of clear plastic across the roof and clipped it to the edge of the glass. Placed a long 2×4 along the top edge. Worked pretty good. UNTIL March winds started. All the plastic blew down and flapped in the wind! I unclipped it and rolled it up. It will just have to get through March. Then everything goes outside and I can get someone to fix it before next Winter.

Over the Winter I have removed the two block high raised bed in the greenhouse and moved the dirt out to the garden to top off the new Huglekuture beds I am making. Re-used the blocks out there. (Lots of heavy work, took awhile. My Arthritis did not appreciate it.) Then I moved in two rain barrels I don’t use and a old cabinet and topped them with the long pressure treated boards that were on the raised bed edge.( I plan to fill the barrels with water to creat more bio-mass.) I now have a nice high potting bench, and long enough to put plants on for the Winter. Underneath it I put fertilizers and a big plastic tub with potting mix. The cabinet has special fertizers like Super Phosphate, bone and blood meal. I like this! 

Then there are some new vented metal shelves in front of two of the big windows. On one of them are my 30 baby Meyer lemons! A benefit from almost losing my Meyer lemon to scale and sotty mold last year. It created lemons full of seeds to assure survival of the species. Of course, I planted all of them! I also have my new   tree collards . They need to develop a good root system before I give them a permanent home in the garden. I will have to “up pot” both of these over the Winter.

I am real pleased with the new set up. Not pleased with the leaks.


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