Problems to solve

  • My upper garden  is almost completely in the shade.
  • The side garden has hardpan about 6″ down. Concrete like hardpan!
  • I am a 73 years old woman with arthritis.

How in the world will I keep gardening as time goes by? I LOVE to plant things and watch them grow. And to go to the garden and pick French green beans, fresh lettuce, beets to roast, heirloom tomatoes, leeks for soup and flowers to bring inside. It would be awful to have to give up my garden. Shortly, I will no longer able to do the “field hand” work of digging and bending over to weed for any length of time. I do it now and then suffer. I have arthritis in my hands and right shoulder.  And to hire someone is expensive on a fixed income. And I WANT TO DO IT!

Enter Permaculture. Permanent agriculture. With ways to limit, watering, weeding, planting and fertilizing. I read books, took a Permaculture Design Course an devised a plan. I am changing everything. Moving just about every piece of dirt. Making cart wide paths, super raised beds to sit on to plant, weed and harvest. Cutting some trees where I can. I am doing it bit by bit, every other day or so. Enlisting a helper for some of the heavy work. There will also be a mini food forest with fruit trees and a new chicken area.

I think it will be wonderful when it is finished. I am chronicling the whole thing in a new blog.  Every bit of ugly construction, with all the weeds and piles of things as I go along. Come watch the progress and the metamorphose!


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