The Mushroom logs are finished!

It takes me awhile to do the mushroom logs. It tires out my shoulders. But,  they fruit for up to about 5 years.

Earlier this year, while the trees were still dormant, I had my husband cut down a small hardwood tree. Then into 3-4 foot logs.

image   100 Plugs  in a package

I ordered 100 Oyster plugs for a Popular tree stump. And 300 plugs of Shiitake for this hardwood tree.  As soon as they came, I put them in the refrigerator until could get to them.

The worms are pretty dormant in the winter so, I had the logs put on the top of the worm bin. It is high enough to work on without bending over.  (Older gardeners  have to consider these things.) Plus, it has corrugated metal roofing on top. The ridges help hold the logs in place while I drill them. Safety feature.

I am ready to start. Got my drill,  inserted a 5/16 drill bit,  got the extension cord and found the rubber mallet. I use a corded drill. They are lighter weight and seem to have more power.  I put my plugs in a bowl for easier access. Need to get the face mask. No sense in getting something in my eyes. I like a full face mask instead of safety goggles. The face mask is cooler, covers my glasses and does not fog up. And it protects my whole face from flying debris.

The first day – I did 3 logs. A diamond pattern of holes every 6 inches can be a lot of holes. Then inserted the plugs and pounded them in. Then heated a pan of water with a jar inside full of wax. Then painted some wax over the openings. Afterwards, I came inside and took a couple of aspirin, used some pain rub on my shoulders and took a nap.

image Hole drilled


image    Plug inserted


image   Plug pounded in

image     Waxed holes

Two days later, (shoulder is recovered) I did 6 logs. Finished! I will get my husband to put them on my cart and move them to the mushroom place. They need to be under trees in the shade. This area gets some morning sun, so I put a shade cloth over them and just leave it. In September I will check on them.


Come Fall, I should have some mushrooms! By the way, I did the Popular stump first. Same procedure, but , I had to do it on an incline sitting on the ground.

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