Repairing a Coconut Liner

If you have hanging baskets, metal window boxes, flat wire trough railing  baskets or metal fern baskets, you will need to repair your coconut liners at some point. The wild birds just  love mine – they steal the straw for their nests! Every Spring I have to repair the liners and patch the holes so my dirt does not fall out.


Instead of buying new liners, I buy coconut fiber by the foot , cut it in the required strips and patch the holes. Just tuck it in along the side or underneath to cover the holes. It does not match, but the ferns and flowers cover it and who would know! Here is a fern basket with a patch.



And with the fern falling over it.



I have rail baskets along the deck that really get hit for  nest building. So, I do a lot of patching. It saves money. The coconut  fiber by the foot is about $2.50 a foot and 36″ wide. A couple feet can repair a lot of baskets. The new liners can run $8 to $18. a piece.

Sooner or later you have to break down and replace the liners. Be sure and save the old ones for patches!

Just an older gardener trick to save some money so I can buy more gardening stuff!


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