Time to re- arrange trees and bushes

It is cool, but not cold today. What is that strange light in the sky? Oh, it is the SUN! Into the yard I go!

Days like this are perfect for us older gardeners. We can go outside and do some physical labor. Feels good! Dig up stuff and replant stuff. Start to dig swales to retain the rainwater in the Summer. Notice I said start.  That is pretty labor intensive, I don’t last too long at that. Need to do it in small bites. Same thing with mulching.

The heat feels good, but it is not hot enough to sap my energy.  So far today I have shoveled a wheel barrow of last years wood chips. Mulched a bush I moved last week. Then I dug up a Beauty Berry and replanted it in another area, used the rest of the mulch on it. . Pruned it back a bit.  Watered it.

Then I dug up a young Oriental Persimmon that did not appear happy last year.  Replanted it. Added some worm castings to the hole to help it adjust. Pruned it back a bit. You always lose some roots when you move things. My plan is to dig a swale on the upper side of it, so the rain will stop and soak in. That will help it will retain moisture this Summer. Did not start it yet. I had already started another little swale (ditch) on the upper side of my Loquat tree today. It had fallen over this year. I raised it up, staked it and pruned out the top. The extra soil from the swale will help anchor it. We never get any Loquat fruit. It gets too cold here at the wrong time.  But, it blooms when there is not much for the bees to eat. And the bees love it! The beginning swale  will eventually run past the peach tree too. Small bites of labor.

My peach trees are budding up and needed  some pruning. I used my wonderful ratchet pruners and Japanese saw and ended up with a pile of limbs.  Then I had to tie a small rope and rock to a limb to train it to grow to the side. Had to sit on the ground to tie the rock. That was nice. Think I will go in and eat some lunch. Then take a nap.


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