OMG! Spring has Sprung!

Ahh, Spring at last. Soooo many plans. So many things to do. I had it all planned out.

Musings of a gardener. Note to self:  One project at a time! You have pruned and have a pile of branches that need to be dealt with. You need to move some bushes and they are sitting on the grass. You started digging some swales to catch rain water and they are half mulched. You thinned out some iris and what are you going to do with them? Baby plants are waiting to be repotted or planted. Then there are the ones to get fed. And the potatoes are way up above their hay.  At least the mushroom logs are finished and in the shade.

As much as you think you will plan and get everything timed – things happen, things change. And the Spring monsoon comes and stops the plan! Too wet to plow. The peas, beans, Chinese cabbage, lettuce and beets you planted came up, but so did thousands of weeds. Thousands of them! You really screwed up by not laying down 6 inches of mulch in the Fall. But, you thought some cover crop was in order this year. And your hay guy is sold out!  At least in the upper garden, the chickens are enjoying munching on the hairy vetch and dining on the left over cabbage. You did make little fences to keep them from re-eating the broccoli.

Hey, that fostered a new idea! Put chicken wire around the bottom 2 feet of some tomato cages. That will keep them from eating the tomatoes when they get ripe! Good plan. Bought the chicken wire, just need to do it. The chickens do such a good job with tomato horn worms, but they really like Brandywine tomatoes too! I think the chicken wire around the bottom as high as they can reach will solve that. Wonder if they can still get the worms when they fall? Hummm, maybe I will wait until the tomatoes start to ripen. Better plan.

We will not mention all the other half finished projects.

Well, one thing for sure, it will not get done by itself. Think of it as fitness with benefits of things to eat.


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