Greenhouse leaks and re-do

The Greenhouse has leaks! Lots of them. A couple years ago, I had the deck pressure washed. And in my infinite wisdom decided to pressure wash the greenhouse. Evidently, it washed out all the caulk! The design has a few flaws anyway. These flaws allow the glass to shift over or down a bit, creating gaps for more leaks.  The glass can be pushed back. But, the re-caulking is problematic. It would be best from above. How do you crawl along the tempered glass seams to do that? So, it looks like it will have to be done from below. On a ladder, looking and reaching up. PAIN. Then on a ladder caulking on the outside as far as we can reach.

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Colony Collapse!

The tiny bee swarm was colony collapse!  Did some research, watched a great program “Vanishing Bees”. I had a textbook situation. Failure to thrive, stupid bees, leaving honey, no dead bee bodies. And the kicker was – I laid the frames with wax and some left over honey on  the top of,the hives for the local bees to,harvest. IT WAS NOT TOUCHED! Normally bees would come from all around and clean it all up. Continue reading

Bee Swarm Adventure

Caught my first Bee swarm on Mother’s Day. We saw all this crazy bee activity. They swarmed about 12 feet into a low Rosemary bush. The swarm wad was about the size of a softball. Obviously they had swarmed  before, probably several times.

First,  I checked the old hive. Empty of bees. They left a super of new  empty pulled out comb, and a full super of honey! No varmints or bugs. They were not crowded. No queen cells. Why did they swarm?

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Garden Tour of a Creative Senior Citizen

I went on a garden tour today. One garden belonged  to a  79 year old woman. It  was my favorite! Every where you looked there were creative and innovative  ideas. I plan to use some of these ideas soon!

She likes to use rocks (I do too). A few photos. See the rock foot next to the leaf? Footprint shaped foot with pea gravel toes.

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OMG! Spring has Sprung!

Ahh, Spring at last. Soooo many plans. So many things to do. I had it all planned out.

Musings of a gardener. Note to self:  One project at a time! You have pruned and have a pile of branches that need to be dealt with. You need to move some bushes and they are sitting on the grass. You started digging some swales to catch rain water and they are half mulched. You thinned out some iris and what are you going to do with them? Baby plants are waiting to be repotted or planted. Then there are the ones to get fed. And the potatoes are way up above their hay.  At least the mushroom logs are finished and in the shade.

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Time to re- arrange trees and bushes

It is cool, but not cold today. What is that strange light in the sky? Oh, it is the SUN! Into the yard I go!

Days like this are perfect for us older gardeners. We can go outside and do some physical labor. Feels good! Dig up stuff and replant stuff. Start to dig swales to retain the rainwater in the Summer. Notice I said start.  That is pretty labor intensive, I don’t last too long at that. Need to do it in small bites. Same thing with mulching.

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